burgundy music
that’s haunting me still
as your eyes leave their imprint
from dreams unfulfilled
and I question the purpose
of distance and time
when life seems too short
for the mountains we climb…

seconds of laughter
cure minutes of tears
as the smoking reminder
of love disappears
if we both start to walk
will we pass in the night
too afraid of the shadows
to capture the light…

when love comes in pieces
it boggles the mind
with no sense of direction
the path, undefined
if the flame starts to dwindle
from life rushing by
feel secure in the passion
that joins you and I…

when my mouth tries to call you
it ends in a sigh…


Somewhere in a Dream



Somewhere in a Dream

I’m walking in the morning light
from somewhere in a dream
the colors, taste and sound of love
are never what they seem
I long to feel your pouting lips
upon my weary face
and maybe just a touch or two
to help me through this place

If love were simple, you and I
would dance among the stars
protect our smiles, from earthly trials
the universe is ours
and lay at night, in sweet delight
on silk and satin seas
and take the time, to meld and bind
the way that love should be

I’m running toward the morning sun
as if it holds some key
to push the darkness from my heart
and bring you here to me
I know the feelings, gray and blue
are never what they seem
it’s just the way they feel at night
from somewhere in a dream…

In The Time ( It Takes To Love You )


In The Time ( It Takes To Love You )

in the time it takes to hold you
I’ve gone dancing with the stars
to the rhythm of the oceans
and the pulse of steel guitars
I’m surrounded by the aura
of a moonlight rhapsody
and your arms describe the beauty
in a perfect harmony

in the time it takes to kiss you
I’ve gone swimming in your eyes
diving deep in liquid laughter
where the springs of love arise
such a crystal clear devotion
such a simple honesty
I am twice the man I’ve dreamed of
when you’re gazing back at me

in the time it takes to love you
I have come to understand
that the door to ever after
is best opened, hand in hand
as your kind and gentle nature
brings an educated smile
in the time it takes to love you..
you have loved me, all the while…




turn off the lights, love
I will find you
by the warmth
of your love,
smoldering around my heart

I dream more these days
silly dreams,
and dreams of grandeur…
but I’m always playing me
and you,
are forever you
with your valentine lips
and your chocolate eyes
that have seen so much
and yet,
do eyes really see at all ?
because, I know
everything I love about you
is an emotion,
a feeling
bursting from the middle of my chest
breathlessly so
and I know I’ve been dancing with you
in those dreams
I felt your hands
I touched your face
and now
I can’t tell which world
is real….

and I’m not really sure
it even matters…

turn off the lights love
I will find you..


Summer’s Rainbow


( A song I wrote in the early 1980’s )

Summer’s Rainbow

The last time I held you
You weren’t really mine
but I asked you to call me
if you ever got the time
I don’t know where we’re going,
or what is real
I just live for the moment
and for what I feel
But I won’t stay till the morning, if you
say you’d rather wake up here alone…
but I’ll be sleeping by the phone

Tomorrows such a long time
I hate to say goodbye
but it’s time for the poets
to go home again and cry
well, you’re not gonna see me
wait around no more
all this time leaves me wondering
what I’m waiting for
and I’d search out all my answers, baby
if I only knew which way to go…
but I’m not sure I want to know

The loneliness upon us
we’re living half afraid
of the feelings now inside us
and the ones that never stayed
should we chase summer’s rainbow out across the sea
or just lie back and wonder where the end might be
well, I know these things I’m dreaming lately
aren’t making any sense at all…
but I’ll be waiting for your call
I’ll be waiting for your call..

Love Defined


Love Defined

there’s no truth
that I seek
in your eyes..

I just hope to capture
the color of love
when you smile.

you may go…
lots of people go…
where and why
is often better told
in retrospect

but tonight
you have arrived

and here and now,
from your lips

I’m counting the heartbeats
muffled gasps…

the Morse code
of love

I Want To Kiss You There


I Want To Kiss You There

maybe Barcelona
or a chalet by the sea
in a cabin on a mountain
where you’re waiting there for me
everybody has a fantasy
a place they want to share
please give me some direction
cause I want to kiss you there…

could it be the moonlight
or a sunrise by the bay
maybe somewhere simple
like my beat up Chevrolet
or deep inside a canyon
with my fingers in your hair
temperatures are rising
and I want to kiss you there…

lips of silent lovers
writing novels when they touch
words of reassurance
never comfort very much
but I know just the place
to leave you breathlessly aware
lay down here beside me
cause I want to kiss you there…