Inside Of Me

im nebel

Inside Of Me

Moment by moment
as mysteries go
we search for the reasons
that hearts need to know
with reckless abandon
we barrel right in
so sure of the feelings
we’re feeling again..

with mind over matter
and hearts on our sleeve
we handle emotions
like fall’s changing leaves
the smallness of me
makes it all seem surreal
for sixty or seventy
years I may steal..

I wonder if you
really know what I see
when I look at love
from the inside of me
the smells of the season
of October nights
and just for the moment
it all seems all right…

Spring Cleaning



Spring Cleaning

I feel your desire,
your springtime supplication
the deal you made with Him
free and easy
friendly fire
hurts just as much

I won’t move into your heart
unless you free up a room
and even then.,
I’d want to change the colors first
there’s too many shades of blue
and a little clutter
still remains

looking up
I could see the candlelight
in your window,
your hand on the curtain
wanting to come down
to meet me,
the last man on earth..
face to face.

On The Edge Of You


On The Edge Of You

looking in
from over the wall
I can see your unhappiness
the reasons elude me

people hurt people
and sometimes
there is no forgiveness
to give
it doesn’t mean I don’t want to
but my strength eludes me
these days

my one pillowcase
lies unwrinkled by choice
but I can’t let them wear
someone must seek my comfort

it’s the time
before ‘ goodbye’
that seems to drag on

I encourage your happiness
and I pray for the time
you can stop being
the lonely soul
and just be… you

somewhere in a dream


somewhere in a dream

I’m walking in the morning light
from somewhere in a dream
the colors, taste and sound of love
are never what they seem
I long to feel your pouting lips
upon my weary face
and maybe just a touch or two
to help me through this place

If love were simple, you and I
would dance among the stars
protect our smiles, from earthly trials
the universe is ours
and lay at night, in sweet delight
on silk and satin seas
and take the time, to meld and bind
the way that love should be

I’m running toward the morning sun
as if it holds some key
to push the darkness from my heart
and bring you here to me
I know the feelings, gray and blue
are never what they seem
it’s just the way they feel at night
from somewhere in a dream…




times of tiny togetherness,
small moments,
in a too long day
when one smile from you
freezes reality,
and hand touching hand
means more to the universe
than the planets

oh, I want you, already
in some ways
but the wanting,
to want you in all ways,
just a heartbeat away

sometimes the head
can’t translate
what the heart might scream
yet, when your eyes
meet mine
life reveals her rhythm
without need
for words

and the precious things
about you
hidden behind
hauntingly hazel eyes
have me hungry
for millions
of minutes more..



I’m leaving..
it’s true.
whether by my hand
or yours
is not important,
but that I know where
tomorrow should point
matters most

we all walk this earth
with different levels
of awareness
sometimes we gain ground,
sometimes we lose,
sometimes we can walk together for awhile
and sometimes
we need to walk

simple facts
don’t seem to matter
to most.
creating your own reasons
for my decisions
certainly clears your
but my words,
and direction
have always been true..
have yours ?

Maybe I love too easily
maybe too hard
yet, love
is a wonderful trait to have
to give freely,
to plant
and watch for spring.
not every garden
will flourish…
it has a lot to do
with the tending

so make up your reasons,
your mysteries,
for my journey..
but be aware
that it keeps you
from moving
on your own…

is the most important gift
you can give



I deserved better.

in this wicked world
who still believes
in love
has to remember
that most others…
do not.

It is the loneliest
hiding their faces
in their hands
during early evening
bouts of insanity
where the
only hope for peace..
is sleep

sleep never comes.
love never lasts.
and the passing of this day
brings me no closer
to the morning