You Have Been My Pleasure


You Have Been My Pleasure

you have been my pleasure
though I’ve never kissed your face
drawing out the deeper feelings
framed in taffeta and lace
naming all the stars in heaven
catching snowflakes on your tongue
spreading wisdom of the ages
with a heart forever young

you have been my pleasure
in my late night bungalow
where I chase you through the moonlight
blowing kisses, apropos
stealing halos from the angels
too amused to even care
giving love a definition
leaving springtime in the air

you have been my pleasure
though our hands may never touch
I have held your welcome spirit
I have learned from you , so much
in another place and playground
I’ll be waiting on the swing
for your pieces of the poems
and the happiness they bring…




clouds rush past
on a silvery night
too busy for small talk
with the moon

late night expectations
and faraway smiles
from a land called “you”
I wonder..
does love really have a plan ?

so many sad faces
and unfulfilled dreams
compromised hearts
and tears in the night..

tonight, I’ll hold court
in the chambers of my heart
and testify
as an expert witness
that love
is always

Spring… ( could be your middle name )


( could be your middle name )

Spring could be your middle name
so sweet, so fresh and new
with love that plants new life in me
and feeds on thoughts of you
a sunkist flower in the frost
excited by the view
go spread your beauty in the world
as angels often do…

flame could be the word I use
to share the way I feel
the burning love inside my heart
that flesh and bones conceal
to light the way with trust so deep
and secrets all revealed
and pants of passion in the night
with kisses so surreal…

seasons come and seasons go
as lovers chase their dreams
and fall like leaves, from tired trees
to rapid flowing streams
lets hold on tight, with all our might
and weather every storm

spring could be your middle name
come close and keep me warm…

Spring Cleaning


Spring Cleaning

I feel your desire,
your springtime supplication
the deal you made with Him
free and easy
friendly fire
hurts just as much

I won’t move into your heart
unless you free up a room
and even then.,
I’d want to change the colors first
there’s too many shades of blue
and a little clutter
still remains

looking up
I could see the candlelight
in your window,
your hand on the curtain
wanting to come down
to meet me,
the last man on earth..
face to face.

finding the time for love



finding the time for love


breathing pure words
on a playful background,
you are in me
once again

rattling all the doors
and windows
I hear symphonies
but, you make
not a sound

gathering minutes
in a basket full of holes
love is like liquid
when it’s warm
and shouldn’t it always be warm ?

deny nothing from your heart, love
for it wants
to know
about the wanting
and the waning..
the intimate whimpers,
and the crumpled sheets
in morning
from the shadows in the night

and always,
find the time..
for love..




times of tiny togetherness,
small moments,
in a too long day
when one smile from you
freezes reality,
and hand touching hand
means more to the universe
than the planets

oh, I want you, already
in some ways
but the wanting,
to want you in all ways,
just a heartbeat away

sometimes the head
can’t translate
what the heart might scream
yet, when your eyes
meet mine
life reveals her rhythm
without need
for words

and the precious things
about you
hidden behind
hauntingly hazel eyes
have me hungry
for millions
of minutes more..