melting, as fast as winters snow
on a warm spring day
I fall for you
again and again..
believing that love
is the only reason we live,
I bow to nature,
salute the trees
and inhale the air
that is only made so sweet
by spring…
and you.
with you by my side
life goes on outside
the walls
of our love,
we remain unscathed,
only letting in the good things…
for love deserves only good things
and loving you
is the greatest thing
of all…





I love you anyway.
beyond the facts
the figures
the cold stone reality of it all
I keep all of that over there.
over here is sacred…
filled with desires
and passions
and things that won’t hold water
in their pictures of love

I can’t spell out what I feel inside
I can only hope that you too
may have had a moment
when your heart entered your throat
and the whole world disappeared
except for those eyes, that smile..
your smile…

A moment when life showed you
it isn’t all black and white

I don’t mind living in the grey area…
knowing that you dwell there
even sometimes
is enough time
for love
to keep me whole.

Gypsy Nights


Gypsy Nights

does the moonlight
on the water
only appear to me ?
or do you just find
no wonder
in its majesty

is your thoughtfulness
cold and empty
and black and white,
or does it live and breathe
and seek to grow
and meld
into seamless
love and life

in the first morning light
I am grateful for
another day to love
I’ll never scold the sun
for opening up my eyes
and welcoming me back
from my
gypsy nights

You’ll be Alright








This is a song I wrote with a couple of friends in mind.

You’ll be Alright

Look around you
what are you seeing here tonight ?
is it love gone wrong ?
is it love going right ?
find out what your dreams are
and then, let them sleep with you
you’ll be alright
in the morning


There’s a sound , and
you know you’ve heard that sound before
it’s a cold wind
blowing underneath your door
find the warmth inside you, oh
to keep your love alive
it’s a long night
when you’re lonely


But I’ll be coming home real soon
does it help to know I’m
lonely too
but I’m always there with you


Don’t cry now
you know I’m only time away
I can hear your heart
as it beats the hours away
shifting through the letters
that I wrote so long ago
as the night fades
into morning


But I’ll be coming home real soon
does it help to know I’m
lonely too
but I’m always there with you


Don’t cry now
you know I’m only time away
you’ll be alright
you’ll be alright
you’ll be alright
Oh, you’ll be alright




shake off
your candy coated world
of corporate conquests
and diamond dusted desires

the world doesn’t necessarily
want to be saved
by you…

walking barefoot on a razor
doesn’t make you

so busy chasing
heaven’s secret signs
you’ve missed
the here and now

there’s no soapbox
big enough
for all my opinions…

so I’ll keep them
in my pocket

while reminding you

that my eyes
were never


I Long For January

IMG_0314( photo by me ! )


I Long For January

I long for January
like I long for you
when dreams and aspirations
reappear as something new
with regrets and disappointments
that we’ve gathered through the year
packed away into the attic
covered up with Christmas cheer

I long for February
and the winter sky at night
when the stars we use for wishing
seem to sparkle extra bright
it’s as if they’re trying harder
to give proof of heaven’s plan
bringing peace and resolution
only lovers understand

I long for January
and the comfort she bestows
in the silence of her evenings
and the softness of her snows
bundled warm with candles burning
splashing glitter in your eyes
there’s no deeper spoken promise
then the sound of lover’s sighs…

and I long for January….

Would Forever……


Would Forever……

You ask me if I love you
and I answer with delight
still, I ramble on for hours
and don’t ever say it right
so it’s time to keep it simple
like the softness of your touch
yes, I’ll love you come tomorrow
would forever be too much ….

your eyes are so exciting
and your lips , the sweetest wine
I hold you in the darkness
and I know our loves divine
my legs might turn to jelly
but my heart is beating strong
yes, I’ll love you come tomorrow
would forever be too long…

I’m never really sure you’ll know
the feelings deep inside
the magic of the moment
when two shooting stars collide
you’re all that ever matters
when my “everydays” get rough
yes, I’ll love you come tomorrow
would forever be enough….