Beyond Compare ( Lyrics )



Beyond Compare ( Lyrics ) 


your Valentine’s been purchased
and there’s candy by the door
you would have loved the flowers
that I bought the year before
I can’t wait to see you smile
as I pour your favorite wine
and toast the day
I finally make you mine..


I looked for you at Christmas
as I wandered through the mall
imagining your laughter
and the way your hair would fall
I found the cutest earrings
and they waited ‘neath the tree
for love to guide your lonely heart to me..


It’s been extra hard today
but I’m trying to be strong
as I wait to greet the lover
I have dreamed about so long
I just know she’s on the way
cause I can feel it in the air
she’s bound to put the picture to the words…
beyond compare..


perhaps we’ll dance in springtime
with fresh flowers all around
romantic dreams and wishes
planted gently in the ground
and lots of morning sunshine
on the garden of our heart
a promise that we’ll never be apart…


It’s been extra hard today
but I’m trying to be strong
as I wait to greet the lover
I have dreamed about so long
I just know she’s on the way
cause I can feel it in the air
she’s bound to put the meaning to the words…
beyond compare..




between the smells of autumn
and the winters ghostly hue
I reflect on indecision
and a year that’s almost through
with our faces to the window
and our breath upon the glass
still, we never seize the moment
as the treasures file past

there’s no joy in feeling sorrow
there’s no pleasure drawn from pain
but to hibernate your feelings
brings a springtime filled with rain
I would risk it all tomorrow
for a “maybe”, “if” or “when”
you can’t love the life you’re living
till you live to love again

take a twig of Christmas magic
draw the faith from children’s eyes
give your heart some decorations
throw away the “hows” and “whys”
learn to trust your inner feelings
be alert for every clue
for it’s always Christmas somewhere
when your love is shining through

“Daddy, are you Santa Claus?”



“Daddy, are you Santa Claus?”


“Daddy, are you Santa Claus?”
my daughter asked today
with all the innocence of youth
about to melt away
I’ve always hoped this day would come
when she was with her Mom
She’s sensitive, I’m hesitant
the words may come out wrong

An awkward kind of silence
as she peered into my eyes
about to learn the righteousness
of “ grown-up people’s “ lies
I crossed my fingers, took a breath
and pulled her on my lap
kind of just like Santa does
beneath his Christmas cap

“Santa Claus is all the love
that fills my heart with joy
when I remember happiness
and comfort as a boy
and Santa Claus is all your dreams
and wishes coming true
protecting all your innocence
to keep the world from view
and Santa Claus is all the words
we feel, but never say
and hope that you can understand
their meaning, Christmas day”

“Daddy, are you Santa Claus?”
she would not be denied
I hugged her reassuringly
but deep inside…
I cried…








Wednesdays always break their promises
teasing you with an “ almost over “ mentality
while the weekend seems to skip
back another two steps.
I’ll take a Thursday instead,
any day of the week…

Christmas seems to have
a blue aura this year
so many sad faces
disappointed perhaps ?
high expectations
from wells of despair

But I think of you
when I think of Christmas
because you are a present to me,
unwrapping my deeper layers
as you give the gift of inspiration
and I explore it ( and you ) with winter wonder…
and hope for a beautiful spring…

We were blown together, my love
in life’s never ending blizzard
as two snowflakes collided
to find
they might not be that different
after all…

Christmas Present



Christmas Present

please accept this simple rhyme
it only cost a little time
to find the words I want to say
to wish you well on Christmas Day
that you will feel the sacred joy
that still excites a little boy
that troubles leave you, with the wind
that you believe in love again…

there’s many paths we never travel
mysteries we can’t unravel
times we sit and rack our brains
to find some reason for the pain
lessons gathered from the sorrow
gives us faith to face tomorrow
when we will find a brighter day
just trust your heart to lead the way…

I know the wise men numbered three
I never claimed that one was me
but I’ve seen treasure in your smile
I’m blessed to share it for a while
I still believe with all my might
there’s magic in a Christmas night
but oh, how lucky, one would be
to wake and find you….
‘neath his tree….