There Are No Words..


There Are No Words..

There are no words
they don’t exist
the only thing
that God had missed
for love was good
and love was real
but nothing like
the way I feel
cause you and I
define the phrase
that still eludes me
on this page…

loving you
has been so grand
from sharing smiles
to holding hands
we stand together
still apart
and share one spirit
with two hearts
and heaven smiled
the day we kissed
there were no words
they don’t exist..

I feel such sorrow
when I try
to make you feel
the breath I sigh
my heart plays music
you can’t hear
and sings such sweetness
in your ear,
and all the chances
that I’ve missed
to say the words
that don’t exist….

there are no words
they don’t exist
the only thing
that God had missed
perhaps he set it
up that way
so I could show you
every day….

Sometimes Winter


Sometimes Winter

as a matter of opinion
I believe it’s in the eyes
they’re the windows of emotion
and the resting place of sighs
and to gaze into the crystal
colored treasures of your soul
leaves me breathless with a longing
and a need I can’t control

you’re an innocent survivor
you’re a victim of the crime
in the laws of human nature
we all have to do the time
but the fairy tales of children
always reach the perfect end
take a gamble on your yearning
to believe in them again

I guess love is like the seasons
sometimes winter, sometimes spring
filled with thunderstorms of autumn
and the rainbows that they bring
when the shadows come a-calling
don’t forget your inner light
as it guides you ever gently
to the dawn of love so right

there’s angelic celebration
when two kindred souls unite..

Christmas In Your Eyes


Christmas In Your Eyes

Winter’s chill is in the air
and lonely hearts are everywhere
they search the faces in the crowd
and fight the urge to cry out loud
and slowly wander home to pray
that love will come, and love will stay
for love’s the one and only thing
they hope that Christmas morn will bring.

I’ve shopped for presents, hung the lights
and lived a thousand lonely nights
wrapped the boxes, tied the bows
and second-guessed the paths I’ve chose
I’ve built beginnings from the ends
and gave the time to help a friend
but never did I realize
that I’d find Christmas.. in your eyes..

Life is funny, love is tough
the rules are never clear enough
the greatest struggles love demands
are simply softened, holding hands
now you’ve got wishes, I’ve got dreams
with rainbows in our color scheme
of moonlit walks and starry skies
since I’ve found Christmas.. in your eyes..

you’re such a heaven-sent surprise.

The Sun Is Going Down



The Sun Is Going Down

give me just a moment longer
while I memorize your face
with the color of your laughter
and the smell of your embrace
you’re my favorite midnight memory
when I wrestle with the night
but the sun is going down
and you’re a masterpiece tonight

we have pockets full of wishes
we collect along the way
but I find I want for nothing
when I have you here this way
I may never find the words
to make an angel, gasp or sigh
but the sun is going down
and if you’ll stay, I’d love to try

yes, the sun is going down
and even he won’t say goodbye…

On The Edge Of You


On The Edge Of You

looking in
from over the wall
I can see your unhappiness
the reasons elude me

people hurt people
and sometimes
there is no forgiveness
to give
it doesn’t mean I don’t want to
but my strength eludes me
these days

my one pillowcase
lies unwrinkled by choice
but I can’t let them wear
someone, must seek my comfort

it’s the time
before ‘ goodbye’
that seems to drag on

I encourage your happiness
and I pray for the time
you can stop being
the lonely soul
and just be… you




with my head in Carolina
and my feet in basic black
I write indiscreet directions
for a countryside attack
there’s no bargaining position
from a heart in disrepair
everybody needs salvation
I just need some mountain air

take me high up in the Smokies
on the Appalachian Trail
where my feet can match the rhythm
of my heart as I inhale
there’s a breath for indecision
there’s a step towards something new
when you’re hiking in the mountains
inspiration walks with you

from the silence of the forest
comes the music of your soul
to remind you of your purpose
and to hand you back control
freeze the beauty of the moment
take it with you when you leave
everybody needs a mountain
in this land of make-believe

Cinderella Moon


Cinderella Moon

I cross the edge of fantasy
and pull you from the shelf
where time has stacked the memories
I couldn’t save myself
the story of a princess
and a man who left too soon
it isn’t hard believing
in a Cinderella moon…

I’ve scrambled up the beanstalk
searching for the golden prize
I’ve sworn the sky was falling
though I never realized
the wind was tossing playfully
my beautiful balloon
and all is well in heaven
in a Cinderella moon…

I can’t believe you never lost
your sweet December grace
I’m grateful for the moments
and the smile on my face
we’re out of sight of April
and within the breath of June
the pieces fall together
in a Cinderella moon..