I deserved better.

in this wicked world
who still believes
in love
has to remember
that most others…
do not.

It is the loneliest
hiding their faces
in their hands
during early evening
bouts of insanity
where the
only hope for peace..
is sleep

sleep never comes.
love never lasts.
and the passing of this day
brings me no closer
to the morning


2 thoughts on “Gone

  1. zeusissmiling says:

    Hello to you wchimesjim and wishing you a Happy Tuesday. I see your words and wonder your heart and mind? Is it your view? Is it your opinion on others view of love and wicked? Do you see others feeling these words from your poem? Are you a sensitive/ESP type being? I can see there are more than a few out there that would hold your words in their throat with truth of their feelings. I do also wonder if some encouragement is needed here? Some inspiration to gather a smile needed?


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