Let’s Fall In Love On Paper


Let’s Fall In Love On Paper


Let’s fall in love on paper
frozen feelings
heartfelt hieroglyphics
sensual stirrings
where love can do no harm
and faces never meet
except in dreams
where I often call your name

let fall in love on paper
sinful smiles
naughty nuances
sweet scenarios
excitement without pain
where I can be your lover
your equal, your man
the butterflies you feel

lets fall in love on paper
it’s harmless, I swear
we’d never really mean it
or, at least never act on it
or hurt if one of us went away
just an exercise in writing, you see
creative cravings
yellow pad yearnings
besides you’re way too old for me

lets fall in love on paper
journalistic jousting
heart touching heart
look at me
my first attempt
and it’s already
too late
for me


Rear View



Rear View

I took one look
And there you were
How long I had searched
How lonely I had been

The way you wore your hair
That smile, your giggle
The far away gaze in your eyes
Were you looking for me too ?

Just minutes together and already I know
How great it is going to be
The sun, the sea, the late mornings in bed
You and me
Me and you

I fell in love today
Through my rear view mirror
Then, the light turned green
And you were ……gone…




I deserved better.

in this wicked world
who still believes
in love
has to remember
that most others…
do not.

It is the loneliest
hiding their faces
in their hands
during early evening
bouts of insanity
where the
only hope for peace..
is sleep

sleep never comes.
love never lasts.
and the passing of this day
brings me no closer
to the morning

Beat of Life


hand chest


Beat of Life

putting your hand
to my chest
I speak to you
without words
or false promises
just the beat of life,
and what more can one offer
another anyway ?

rainy afternoons
are no reason
to abandon the beach
it makes itself beautiful
just the same

there’s a song
the ocean sings
sometimes you can really feel it
in the salty kisses on your lips
a promise of sorts
to always be your lover
to rush in to greet you
and walk lightly beside you
for as long as you desire
and miss you when you go

it carries your reflection
to mirror off the stars
that I might see you
in my dreams
where the ocean
and I

Digital Darling


Digital Darling

how many times
can I go there ?
To that place where I tempt fate
and you sleep with reality,
where I whisper possibilities
and you quote facts
where I long to love you
( if only in words )
and you look the other way
throwing scraps to the birds
and leaving me starving…

can’t passion thrive outside of touch ?
if I can imagine kissing you
haven’t I worked harder at love
than just doing it ?
I do imagine…
and it is so real
I can feel the lines in your lips
where you nervously bit them in anticipation of mine.
I can smell the heat
coming off your skin
mixing with desire and yearning,
a smell that has no rival
like you have no rival
in the digital world we meet in
a world where God let me find you
( he doesn’t make mistakes )
and talk with you
and love you
in my own digital way
though my flesh seeks your touch
my heart
just longs for your words..




my mind builds castles
from the smell
of fresh hewn lumber
where I shuffle my feet
just to break the silence

I went howling at the sun
mostly, because no one
gave me the rules
about the moon.
I guess I’m a better man now
although, she was quite
and flattered
at the scene

the mortality of it all
love and life
and holiday laughter…
I think, comfort
still survives
in the faces and places
of yesterdays smiles
and in memories
tucked in the heart

and you make these memories…
so intricately soft
with your colorful laughter
and unspoken
my heart whispers…

Myrtle Beach


Myrtle Beach

rain splattered colors
on a blue, blue heart
you come in like the wind
and leave, like a Sunday evening
woefully, out of time..

but next time
I’ll offer you Monday
or October in the woods
providing, of course
you gather the colors of autumn
and paint the wings
of the butterflies
you’ve resurrected in my heart

but for today,
you’re my beach baby..
drawing lines in the sand
you already know
I’ll cross….