be still.

close your eyes,
your shadow is trying
to catch up
with you
and you will never do
all that you want to do
in one lifetime.
let’s save a few afternoons,
some morning coffees
and dark chocolate evenings
for another time
and place

let me find you
in early autumn
when the colors begin to bleed
from the soft veins
of the forest,
in her own
sacrificial suicide
for the coming spring

hold me here
when the chill
shakes my comfort
and the high pitched howl
of winter night
leaves me sleepless
and insecure
in moments
when I just might not be
good enough
for you

stay connected
with strong words
and solid promises
of mainly just
trying to do
the best we each can do,
because time plays some games
we are not allowed to see
if we just do nice things
for each other every day
life and love
can’t help but
bless our union

you are to me
the icing on the cake,
the warmth in the desire
more precious
than any gift
I’ve ever received

be still.


Remnants Of The Night


Remnants Of The Night

It’s the closeness of the oneness
that I get addicted to..
that I long for in the darkness
as I’m lying next to you..
and I’m desperate to hold onto
as the morning spills her light..
while I’m sifting through the treasures
of the remnants of the night..

you are breathing breath of heaven
as our egos strip away
I am overcome with passion
from the words that lovers pray
we are lost in “ ever after “
as we claw with all our might
for a chance to save the silence
of the remnants of the night..

you are such a pretty lady
I am thankful for your smile
we have just a few more moments
so just lay with me awhile
it is such an empty feeling
when I lose you from my sight
so I’m filling up my pockets
with the remnants of the night..


wall of rain


peach-scented memories
of sunsets
and silliness
waft around me
as love
moves along…

blinking wildly
I try to refocus
on reasons
and remnants
walls of rain…

I re-emphasize…

trust is everything.

Man in the Moon


Man in the Moon

I’ve been having a chat,
with the man in the moon
and we both agree,
than you left here too soon..
with the seedlings of love,
just about to take root
as you ran through the autumn,
with me in pursuit..

I could see in your eyes,
as we wrestled about
the fear, apprehension,
and moments of doubt
And I didn’t stop you,
when you pulled away
but I counted the minutes,
like I count every day..

And sometimes at night,
when I sit here alone
I imagine your voice,
I can smell your cologne
I send you a note,
from the man in the moon
with wishes and prayers
that you’ll come back real soon…..

Frozen Rain

frozen rain

Frozen Rain

It’s true
I’ve had prouder moments
before leaping
from the speeding train…
the landing looked easier
than the wall ahead

I’ve grown accustomed
to the tuck and roll
although getting up
is harder all the time

the incompleteness
of it all
the spring that didn’t come
only the rain
oh, the frozen rain…






We’ve always felt like gypsies
like we never quite fit in
a second personality,
internal Siamese twin
a sense of immortality
that certain souls achieve
and when the body wastes away
the spirit doesn’t leave..

We always play with children
for it’s easy to relate
the simple thrills and joyfulness
in something we create
we’re sensitive to loneliness
and share another’s pain
and though we’re scared of thunder
how we love to smell the rain..

We’ve always felt like gypsies
as we wander through the years
sometimes it ends in happiness
sometimes it ends in tears
it always ends in gratefulness
for hearts we touch and feel
for time is short and memories pass
but only love is real….




what shall I write you
that will keep you near
when lips can’t touch
and hands won’t reach
and words are my only hope
to slip inside you
and convince you
to stay…

what can I show you
when the door is closing
and the sun sinks down
so final and cold
as it seeks it’s own warmth
on a colorless day
with tomorrow
only a passing thought

If I could show you my heart
you’d see how much bigger it is
since you came along
you might hear the music in my step
or see the wind
always at my back
my head held high
from lofty thoughts
of you

If you could borrow my soul
and see it’s brilliance
that you helped to shine
and the deepness
that I never knew was there
that now cries out
like a spoiled child,

I love who I am.
I love that you brought me
to the edge of me
and dared me to jump in…

and I love you.
you know how I mean,
and I know how I mean
it’s not always the same.

so what can I write you
that says thank you and goodbye
and please don’t go
all at the same time ?
I remain grateful
for you..