Winter Blues



Winter Blues

Winters days are counting down
and as she don’s her sleeping gown
I feel there’s something I have missed
It’s slipping through my tightened fist
I’ve seen forever in your eyes
and tasted heaven in your thighs
and some we win and some we lose
but I can’t beat these winter blues..

another day, another year
in time it all will disappear
from dust we came and dust we go
and in between we strive to know
the reason for a summer day
and why the love would slip away
and why we take the paths we choose
and how to beat these winter blues…

I’ll grab the pink of autumn skies
perhaps some sparkle from your eyes
the stars at night to make it shine
and mix it in this heart of mine
and let it run out through my pen
where I can read it now and then
some simple words, and gentle views
to help me beat these winter blues…

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