Just So Many Mornings



Just So Many Mornings

just so many mornings

limited chances
to beat the butterflies
to the flowers

and still,
step aside and sigh
as they drink
colored coffees

I’m different now..

I’ve regained some
inner light..
behind dark shades,
blank stares
cloudy thoughts..

there are thousands of nights
and millions of stars
to wish you here with me…

but hurry..

for there’s
so many mornings…


Old Friends



Old Friends

there’s hearts filled with laughter
and eyes moved to tears
with memories so vivid
transcending the years
the words of compassion
and actions so kind
the sun smiles down, when
old friends come to mind

I’ve counted my blessings
and shuffled my dreams
and sang to the music
of deep forest streams
searching for places
the light always shined
like deep in my soul, when
old friends come to mind

I count you among
all the guides on the path
who loved me and taught me
to dream and to laugh
when I reach my heaven
I know that I’ll find
this heaven was built
by old friends, I call mine…

When I’m Thinking Of You


When I’m Thinking Of You

when the world shuts its eyes
for a dreamier state
with the moon and the stars
peeking over my gate
and I’m categorizing
the feelings of blue
as they crawl up my spine
when I’m thinking of you

in the middle of work
as they scream in my face
I slip out of my mind
to a beautiful place
and your warm, soulful words
fill my head right on cue
it’s my one minute cure
when I’m thinking of you

there are gaps in their stories
and clues left to find
there are unfaithful moments
when love isn’t blind
but the beauty of life
isn’t saved for a few
and I know it’s complete
when I’m thinking of you


streetlight dancer


from my softly lit corner
I battle unseen forces
filling my head with words and images,
what ifs and forget-me-nots
so it’s only fair
that you feel my pain a little (?)

discovering you through the wires
that run out of my screen
and straight into my heart
don’t think for a moment
that you’re not responsible
for a skipped beat or two

in my head it’s all beautiful.
a bottle of wine
a sky full of stars
and you,
dancing in the streetlight
with me
your captive audience
egging you on…

I look through your words
to share your view
and yet it’s not quite the same
as climbing up there with you
and looking out as one
to the world below
where I can’t help but wonder
if you’d see the same thing
as me….

and just what color are your eyes ?




stranger things exist
than my hands
reaching for your face
as if touching you
might excite some connection inside
and turn your head
to see

what a funny word
for this funny feeling
in my chest
when my eyes rest on you…
it seems I could have found
a more macho word
I could parade around with

with that long distance gaze
warm hands
(and sweet thighs…)
and me,
with my words scattered
all over the floor
trying to sweep up the ones
that might sweep you

love or fear..
these are the only choices
to base our reasoning on
and at this moment…
I’m going with love.

Imaginary Wine


Resize of wine

Imaginary Wine

I poured you here this evening
from a bottle buried deep
in a room that smells of springtime
where the hopes of lovers sleep
with the clarity of crystal
and a renaissance design
you dance off my lips with music
and imaginary wine…

I cracked my door this morning
to the humming of the breeze
bringing news of brilliant colors
and some samples, from the trees
I was swept away completely
singing words I won’t rescind
you blow through the cracks of heartache
with imaginary wind…

I wandered through the gardens
searching for the perfect shades
to describe my inner comfort
when your spirit plays charades
as you fill my highest visions
with desires of the night
where our souls might dance together
in imaginary light…

for a moment, I’m not sure…but
I’m imagining this….




you taught me altitudes
while I was exploring depths
and the beauty of summer nights
while I waited for fall

“There’s no time like the present,
….. to breathe,” I said.

but you were marking off the days
to forever…
and never heard me sigh..

love listens hard to silence.

It’s my kite flying…
you’re holding the string…