Daddy, Are you Santa Claus ?


Santa holding magical lights in hands

“Daddy, are you Santa Claus?”
my daughter asked today
with all the innocence of youth
about to melt away
I’ve always hoped this day would come
when she was with her Mom
She’s sensitive, I’m hesitant
the words may come out wrong

An awkward kind of silence
as she peered into my eyes
about to learn the righteousness
of “ grown-up people’s “ lies
I crossed my fingers, took a breath
and pulled her on my lap
kind of just like Santa does
beneath his Christmas cap

“Santa Claus is all the love
that fills my heart with joy
when I remember happiness
and comfort as a boy
and Santa Claus is all your dreams
and wishes coming true
protecting all your innocence
to keep the world from view
and Santa Claus is all the words
we feel, but never say
and hope that you can understand
their meaning, Christmas day”

“Daddy, are you Santa Claus?”
she would not be denied
I hugged her reassuringly
but deep inside…
I cried…

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