Belly Kisses


Belly Kisses

dawn to dusk
sunrise to sunset
morning to night
these are the only times I miss you
the only times I look for a message,
a love letter, a picture…
any little reason
for my heart to soar
my fantasies to play
and my poetry to flow…
the only times…

when I sleep
you are mine.
my lover, my woman, my friend.
me, the sophisticated and smooth
you know,
the guy who always gets the girl
in a late, late show
and you…
so everything that is right with the world.

It’s my dream
and I write the script
sorry, but you’re much more agreeable
on my terms
in my arms
in a lovers passionate rumble
where debts are paid
with belly kisses
and runaway tongues…

I love the taste
of love.

Spend another night with me, darling
you always end up smiling
in my dreams

I wouldn’t want you any other way…


Scented Auburn


Scented Auburn

now I dream in scented auburn
of the unsuspecting days
when I held the keys to heaven
and then gave them all away
it’s too easy feeling foolish
when we want so much to win
but to dream in scented auburn
I would do it all again

I have burnt-sienna memories
of her kisses on the beach
and the lessons I took with me
thinking I was there to teach
in my heart I hold the feelings
I could never reproduce
in my music and my writing
I have tried… but it’s no use

I have topaz tinted paintings
in the corner of my mind
mapping out the peaks and valleys
of the truths I long to find
there are roads that go no further
and the path’s not always clear
but I dream in scented auburn
and my worries disappear

Hiker Girl


Hiker Girl

savoring seconds
of wood burning evenings
on mountaintop porches
with rocking chair grace,
wandering briskly
through sun blotted forests
drinking the beauty
and leaving no trace

climbing the peaks
just to peek in the valleys
where love tends to settle
and rivers run deep,
thankful for nights
of your smile and your laughter
when stars filled my pockets
and rocked me to sleep

these are the memories
of you, that I keep…




lost inside my daydreams
I recall the time and place
your arms supplied the comfort
with the warmth of your embrace
your playful way of loving
trailing smiles as you flew
if love has ever touched me
then Sierra, it was you…

many times I see you
from the corner of my eye
sneaking softly up behind me
like we never said goodbye
I went searching for the answers
that my heart already knew
if love has definition
then Sierra, it is you…

standing by the ocean
casting sonnets to the wind
in hopes that one may reach you
and I’ll find you once again
believing in tomorrow
as I watch them fade from view
with words I should have spoken
when Sierra, it was you…




I awaken Christmas morning
to the magic in the air
after dreaming of your kisses
and the perfume in your hair
it’s a day for affirmation
of the truths I still believe
and the gift I asked of Jesus
in my prayers on Christmas eve…

there is love and there are lovers
and they make the world divine
as they give their hearts so freely
like I long to give you mine
some are epic, some are easy
most are somewhere in between
but the love that grows inside me
I describe as evergreen…

It’s the king of any mountain
ever strong and ever tall
standing proud against the seasons
it may bend, but never fall
and I long to hold you close
and show you comfort, so serene
as we travel on together
ever warm, and evergreen…





It may have started with your legs
But then,
Your smile interrupted
Your hands waved me near
And your eyes,
Your happy eyes, called my name

It was many special things
It was nothing special at all
It was inspiration

Just so you know
I’m not all wrapped up
In your legs




Leaping from the ceiling
diving straight into your eyes
where I search for affirmation
for the love behind the sighs
In a world of broken promise
I’m still dancing with a few
I can see inside your shadows
that you feel the same way too..

there’s a hundred old time movies
where the hero saves the day
and the sweet and sexy maiden
hopes he’ll never go away
I’m no blazing six-gun shooter
making all your dreams come true
but I’d take on any army
just to bring you one or two..

touch me softly in the darkness
trace your fingers on my face
feel me press against your body
I’ve been searching for this place
wrap me tightly with desire
in a blanket made of you
there’s no clearer view of heaven
when you love me like you do..

how you melt my heart by saying
that you feel the same way too….