breaking it down
is always easier…
even gravity loves to lend a hand

your words,
mixed and mixed up
never walk the straight line

what you don’t say,
flashes across your face
in neon
branding the flesh of my heart

failure can be as breathtaking
as triumph
and lasts much longer

now, your heart lives elsewhere
though your body shares my bed
like two ice cubes
melting ,
in different directions
never to be whole




time drags its feet
bringing letters from you
like some drunken soldier
wandering his way
lazily back home

I drink too.
all that you are
all that you might be
all that you will be ?

fantasy is a wonderful world
where the angels forgive the rules
and nourish the hearts
of the lovers
and the poets
with unsuspecting messages
from God himself
to remind you
just how alive
you can be.

that’s a good word
for what you make me feel
the colors have colors
the smells have smells
they were never there before
I am sure
maybe they were just holding back
waiting for appreciation
just like we do ?

it’s true
I may never know
the softness of your hands
the fragrance of your love
but oh,
to taste
the flavor
of your sighs.

Minor Changes



Minor Changes

by memory

in wanton lust
to replay time
with just some
minor changes

like a couple of ” maybes ”
in the place of some ” no’s ”

and to have arrived
just a few days
your doubt’s rolled in…


and, of course…

a fuller head of hair
would be nice…

Sunrise People


Sunrise People

Where else would I choose to be
But in the darkness, by the sea
Before the world starts waking up
Before they grab a second cup

The world is silent, calm and pure
A great elixer, mental cure
I sit in silence one more time
And try to clear my noisy mind

I see them coming, drawn like me
Hoping it will set them free
To reconnect with who they are
To wish upon their private star

The sunrise people,come and go
They always smile and say “hello”
A special bond that joins us there
Another sunrise we can share.




in your fingers
the warmth of you
hurts my heart

I feel too much sometimes
though, I wouldn’t miss it
for the world

love is hard
love is grand
the two steps up
and one step back,

we are
love dancers

making fresh footsteps
in the snow…






hold very still.
I like the way the moonlight
paints your face
so softly…

as I sit
memorizing your breath
through slightly parted lips
my hands,, hungry for the freedom
that the night bestows
my body, longing
to feel your weight
like the shoreline feels the waves

love doesn’t just happen
yes, it does

hold very still.
while I ponder
which came first
the wanting…
or the need,
and let’s see
just how deep
this love
can go…

Frozen Rain

wall of rain


Frozen Rain

It’s true
I’ve had prouder moments
before leaping
from the speeding train…
the landing looked easier
than the wall ahead

I’ve grown accustomed
to the tuck and roll
although getting up
is harder all the time

the incompleteness
of it all
the spring that didn’t come
only the rain
oh, the frozen rain…